Fred Freeman, a third-generation Liverpool businessman was deeply concerned with the social problems in the Liverpool City Area. Fred had always been very concerned with society and how it functioned and how he could help. Fred realised that the concept of profit was not restricted solely to financial measurements but encompassed the greater idea of socially functioning profit. Fred was very keen that his business made a contribution to its customers, to society and to its staff so that the profit generated be viewed also in terms of its socially functioning benefits. Guided by this concept he wrote the book Top-Economy or whole group good with his friend Eugene Halliday. Top- Economy implies the economy of specific areas and places in which socially- functioning -profit is distinguished (but may include) bank account profit. The socially – functioning- profit or top economy of a group is the joy and heightened morale that stems from the solution to a problem which has been achieved through co-operative group activity. It is the actual concrete increase in the health and viability of the human social group.

You will find on this website the book Top Economy co-authored by Fred Freeman and Eugene Halliday. On its front is the quotation ” Whenever local intelligence can better handle local affairs they should be allowed to do so” sums up much of their thinking.
You will also find The SUVOC application “Why and how to develop substantial new resources for the Voluntary Sector through Workers Payroll Giving.

There are also downloadable 7 short booklets of about 25 pages each that deal with specific points (Please see below).

I cannot say these make easy reading as they are dense and thoughtful and contain new terms that introduce and clarify emerging and stimulating concepts. In my view these books are quietly revolutionary, re-empowering the individual within society. At the same time consciously disengaging from a dependent relationship with the state. “The state of the people’s heart is the condition of the heart of the state”.