Eugene drew as he talked,  he drew diagrams at the same time as talking to illustrate the subject, which was often a symbol. The only description Eugene gave  of himself was artist, however what I think he meant by the word artist encapsulated creative activity on many levels of being, not just pictorial representation.  Eugene  commenced formal study at the Municipal School of Art in Manchester in 1928, two months before his seventeenth birthday, he attended the school for 3 years returning for two separate years of advanced study in 1933-4 and 1940-41. More examples of Eugene Halliday’s artwork can be found at eugenehallidayarchive.info/artwork_ish.htm
Many of the images here are drawings that he made when explaining and discussing how to interpret the meanings of various symbols. Symbols are seed ideas that are very densely packed with significance. Eugene often referred to symbols when talking so these drawings are examples of his method of instruction. For me they work as very effective condensed reminders of the subject, his little drawings even now bring the essentials of what he said back to life.