[The process of discharging emotion records]





An emotionally charged record in the organism of an experience too highly energised  for complete, conscious, rational assimilation. The excess energy by-passes the rational centre and is encapsulated in a sub rational part of the mind. In the sub rational centre the imprint exists as an energy system recording all the contents of the causative experience, the material objects in the situation, the activities, words and emotions of persons.

Discharge procedure consists in location the charged record and describing its contents in the present tense. Each present tense description replay of the record releases a definite amount of emotional energy.

From a subjects point of view it is an art, and not in my experience a particularly pleasant or easy one to acquire. I have decided to post a copy of my experiences with this form of psychotherapy in order to allow a fuller appreciation of the many facets that are associated with Eugene Halliday. I did almost all of my engram work with David Mahlowe and very little with Eugene.

With David the focus was on going back on my protoplasmic records to the records of conception and birth.  As I start to write about these experiences my stomach starts to churn and my anxiety levels start to rise. There were times when I found the process difficult and frightening and was very reluctant to continue the following week. Mostly I would visit Parklands on a Friday morning about 10am and the session would take about two hours. I was advised to read the notes afterwards but in reality all I did was put them in a folder and hope that some day I could face them. Finally that day has come.

The conception record focuses on the record of the sperm, the record of the ovum, the fathers record and the mothers record, and my own record. All these records were imprinted with emotion and in a sense it is the journey of the soul into incarnation. After the conception records there are records of  experience in the womb culminating in the birth process itself. Other problems that emerged are also subject to this style of self examination.

These records are made available to fulfil my wish to share my experience with Eugene and Ishval. I sort of doubt that anyone will be interested in reading them but someone may get a benefit and that is enough of a reason for sharing. It has also been called brave to share this personal information, with an unspoken subtext of being a bit unwise. I do not think it is such a big deal because at heart all of us are very similar and one persons experience often acts as a mirror for others.

It was a great privilege to be able to do this work especially under the supervision of someone as capable as David Mahlowe. I do have a part of me that is aware that there was something quite cold and  distanced about the process. It was for this reason that I involved myself in many other forms of therapy where the human contact I desired was an integral part of the process.

Below are a series of toggles in order of date, each year contains  ‘records’/’engrams’ from that period,
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