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Eugene Halliday 1911 – 1987 was a British artist, writer, and teacher. For a large part of his life he lived and taught in Manchester and Altrincham, England. Running groups and giving personal tuition to a large number of interested people. He was a gifted artist, a writer of books, plays and poetry as well as possessing a profound understanding of philosophy, religion and science. Much of his work centered on the interpretation of the esoteric ideas behind religion. I am one of his many students and 36 years after his death still find his work engaging and a treasure trove of understanding.

This website was created to gather together his written works and audio files of the talks he gave. It also contains a record of my personal experience of Eugene.
Eugene authored 15 books and many essays and these are readable or downloadable on the main website which can be accessed by clicking the button below.
It can sometimes be a bit bewildering knowing where to start so may I suggest one of his key works, “Reflexive Self Consciousness” as a good place to start. We would love to hear your comments.

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